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Never lose signal or battery power. 


Clearly and easily communicate without "breaking up".


911 knows your exact location when dialed from your phone.


983, 412, 413, 414









Our Area Calling Plan allows you to control the flexibility of your local and long distance calling charges, by extending your Local Calling area. Calling anyone in these areas below will be measured for time and billed at a reduced rate. These areas are considered Long Distance under our Local Calling plan. You also enjoy a reduced local service rate, summarized billing (itemized is available upon request for an additional charge) and unlimited calls to any city within the Bands "A", "B", or "C" from your exchange.


You will find the current tariffed rates below for each summary table.

You only have to dial 7-digits (1+662 is NOT required).

area calling


  • Solutions Long Distance

  • ​Nexband Communications

  • AT&T Communications

  • MCI WorldCom

  • LCI (Qwest Communications)

  • Sprint

  • Global Crossing (Frontier)

  • Communigroup

For a complete list, call or stop by our offices!

Long distance
calling features


Call Waiting

Call Waiting Deluxe

Caller ID Deluxe


Call Forwarding

3-Way Calling

Teen Service

Call Block

Do Not Disturb

  • How much is the deposit for services?
    We require a $50 deposit, plus $49.95 advance. If a customer signs up for autopay, the $49.95 advance is waived.
  • What do I need to apply for services?
    You will need a government issued photo ID and the physical address for the location where services will be installed.
  • When do I get my deposit back?
    If services are disconnected, it usually takes 3 months for deposits to be refunded to the customer.
  • Why is my internet running slow?
    Providing customers with the best Internet service possible is our goal. However, Internet performance may vary due to conditions outside of our network control. Therefore, no minimum level of speed is guaranteed. Conditions affecting speed may include: customer location, physical equipment limitations, network congestion, server or router speeds of websites accessed, inside wiring or telephone conditions. You can check your speed at
  • My WiFi will not work through my entire home. What are my options?
    This is a common problem with many different solutions. We suggest purchasing a WiFi extender and placing it in a part of the home that does not receive a quality signal. The extender should be close enough to your router/modem to receive a signal.
  • My modem/router lights are blinking, but I cannot access the internet."
    If there is more than one device connected to the network, try another device to see if you can access the internet. If a different device is connected, try reset the device that has lost connection. If the first device does not connect after reboot, you will need to contact the customer support for that device to determine the issue. If you cannot access the internet from any device, unplug the modem for 30 seconds, and reset all devices connected to the network. If you are still unable to connect to the internet after resetting the modem and all devices, please call our office. A service technician will visit your home or business, usually the same day.
  • I am unable to surf. My screen displays “this page cannot be found”.
    Disconnect the modem and/or router from power and wait at least 30 seconds before restoring power to both.
  • My streaming service isn’t working and I have a strong Wi-Fi signal.
    We can verify that the connection is working as it is supposed to, and if you experience further issues, you should contact your steaming service for further assistance. Please note: We do not endorse any streaming TV services. Some video streaming services may be ‘pirate’ services. BTC’s Terms of Service prohibits illegal uses of the Broadband Service.
  • How do I password protect my router?
    Smart RG Routers If you have a modem/router that is manufactured by Smart RG, your password will be the MAC address stamped on the bottom of your device. It should be entered in lowercase form. Comtrend Routers If you have a modem/router that is manufactured by Comtrend with only one antenna, your password will be the MAC address minus the first two digits. It is not case sensitive. An example would be 64680c6310eb If you have a modem/router that is manufactured by Comtrend with two antennas, your password will be the MAC address minus the first two digits. It is case sensitive. An example would be 720c6a4b55ea Trendnet Routers If you have a router that is manufactured by Trendnet, your password will be stamped on the bottom of your device, or a BTC technician may have placed a sticker on the top of your device that will have the “Wi-Fi key” on it. Note: these devices have to be setup after initial power. In the rare event the hard reset button is pushed, the initial process will have to be repeated. For more information, contact a Bruce Telephone Company Customer Service Representative at 662-983-4343.
  • Help! I have forgotten WiFi my password.
    If the modem has WiFi, the password will likely be the MAC number on the bottom of the modem – depending on the make/model, it could include or exclude the first two digits. If you have a router only, your password will be on the bottom of the router. If you have problems beyond this, please call our office and a customer service represented will be happy to assist you. 662-983-4343
  • How do I turn the firewall on or off for my Window's computer?
    There are several different types of firewalls and they all do the same thing: protect your computer from intruders. Therefore, it is very important to keep your computers firewall turned on and have an active antivirus program. To learn how to turn your firewall on or off on a Windows computer, check out Microsoft’s how-to guide.
  • How do I set up my BTC email on my smartphone?
    Incoming mail server information: Host Name: User Name: your full email address ( Outgoing mail server information: Host Name: User Name: your full email address ( Password: your email password Use SSL: YES Authentication: Password Server Port 587
  • What internet speeds do you offer?
    We have plans that fit most all customers, please visit our internet page for information.
  • How do I know I have the best internet plan for the number of devices I have?
    Having multiple devices (computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, Blu-ray players, video game consoles and streaming set-top boxes) in daily use by several family members can easily max out your Internet service and make it seem like it’s running slow. For help determining which Internet plan is right for your household, please give us a call at 662-983-4343.
  • What is a firewall?
    A firewall is a program or a device that blocks unauthorized access to your computer(s)/network, such as viruses, identity thieves, and hackers. Companies also use firewalls to control employee connections to the Internet and information being transmitted from their computers and network. In a nutshell, a firewall is like a computerized security dog that watches incoming and outgoing traffic and decides whether to allow a connection/interaction or not.
  • Is the modem price included in the monthly access fee or will I be charged a rental fee each month?
    Rental fees are an additional maintainance cost charged each month.
  • Can I purchase my own modem that will work with BTCs service?
    Yes. However, the customer assumes all responsibility with the configuration of the device. Our technician will provide technical support up to the point of verifying the service is working as it’s supposed to on one of your devices. If it’s determined by the technician that the customer owned device is causing the issue, further troubleshooting by a BTC technician may result in additional charges.
  • Who is responsible for the equipment if it breaks, and is there a warranty?"
    If the customer rents equipment from our office, we will replace the device at no cost to the customer, as long as damage is not the result of customer negligence. Any equipment damaged due to customer negligence will result in a charge to the customer for the full amount of the equipment. BTC does not guarantee any customer owned equipment.
  • Do you know what the peak usage times are?
    Yes, peak usage times are generally from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Is there a contract and what is the minimum length?
    Yes, we require a 24-month agreement with all services.
  • Is there a fee for cancelling early?
    Yes, there is a cancellation fee associated with all contracts. However, we understand that sometimes things are out of the customers control. In this event, it will be determined by the general manager whether or not the penalty will be implemented.
  • Is there is a usage limit each month? What are there penalties for going over, such as having my service slowed or cut off?"
    BTC has truly unlimited data. We do not slow speeds or disconnect service, as long as the customer follows our terms of service as listed on our website. For full details, please visit our terms of service.
  • Does the modem act as a router, or provide wireless services?"
    Most all devices to date provide wireless access.
  • How can I change my phone number?
    Please contact our office at 662-983-4343 and we will be happy to assist you. Please note that changing your phone number may result in additional charges on your next bill.
  • How do I add my number to the "Do Not Call" list?"
    Please click here to register you number on the Do Not Call list.
  • What month am I paying for?
    Services are billed a month in advance, but your bill may also include any usage based services that are billed in arrears. For example, an October 1st bill will include October's phone and internet purchases, plus any services that accrued during the month of September, like Long Distance.
  • When will I receive my bill each month?
    Customers will receive their bill on or around the 25th, giving you 15 days to pay in full.
  • When is my bill due each month?
    Bills are due on the 10th of each month. If payment is not received by the 10th, a late fee will be added the following day. If payment is more than 30 days past due, services will be disconnected.
  • What additional fees can I expect on my bill?
    A rental fee for the internet modem/router that our technician has installed at your home or business. FCC mandated charges and taxes. Other fees may apply in certain instances such as late payment or overdraft.
  • Why is my bill higher than expected?
    Your first bill may be higher than expected, and what you will see on your usual monthly bill because of prorated charges (if you began service in the middle of a billing cycle), or any installation or equipment charges. If you are not a new customer and your bill is higher than expected, check your bill detail for any late payment fees, mandated charges, or rate changes. If you still have questions about your bill, give us a call 662-983-4343.
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